Our Bad Movie Marathoners are ending the worst year ever by doing something good for Sidewalk and the community at large by competing to see who can last the longest in the face of some really terrible holiday movies. Remember, this is a test of endurance, not a race and is open to all,  from a casual weekend Netflix binger to a true cinephile. 

You can support the marathoners by making a tax deductible donation or by sponsoring an item that might give them an edge over the competition (like their favorite caffenated beverage), no matter how you get involved, by supporting our Marathoners, you help ensure the continuation of important educational programs like the Sidewalk Youth Board, Sidewalk EDU, shOUT About Youth and the Black Lens Filmmaker Grant and Membership Program. 


Event Date: December 4, 2020 until… (the world record is 5+ days… how long will you last?)

Doors open at 6pm. All marathoners must be inside the Cinema by 7pm. 


Do you want to participate as a Marathoner or nominate someone else? 

To register, complete the brief registration form here and submit your $100 registration fee here

To nominate someone else to participate, please complete the brief nomination form here and submit the $100 nomination/registration fee here.

Once you've registered, be sure to save our toolkit here.


Want to Watch? RSVP by "purchasing" a ticket here (watching the marathon is free but registration is required). 

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